Believe That You Will, Not Just That You Can

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When Espree Devora took the microphone for her presentation you could feel the energy emanating from her in waves.


Starting off with a story to demonstrate that “this life is all about creating how you want it to be”, Espree described how she won on the Price is Right. Determined to be a contestant, she spent time visualizing herself on the stage doing her special winning dance. While getting the whole CFWIT crowd up to practice the dance, she relayed that she did get called from the audience, she did get onstage, and yes, she did get to do her winning dance when she won a car!



Although successful creating ZexSports when she was in her early twenties, Espree feels she didn’t have enough belief in herself. At the time, she felt she needed to find someone older to teach her how to be successful in a sports-related venture. In hindsight, she now firmly believes that she should have followed her intuition from the beginning saying “you have to believe you can be that leader.”

There is often a difference between men and woman when asked to do something new:


  • Women tend to think “can I do it.”
  • Men tend to think “will I do it.”


Just changing our minds to “will” offers the options of learning how and considering if we want to do it, instead of immediately deciding we don’t have the skills.

The main points Espree hoped the audience would take with them from her presentation were to trust your intuition and believe in yourself, embrace a mentorship culture, create your own reality, and look after yourself.



Intuition and Belief in Yourself

Intuition is your GPS in life. If you are terrified of something, stay in touch with your
intuition and it will steer you down the correct path. Believe in yourself and work at the things that made you feel secure. Espree related how following her true beliefs resulted in


  • LA Tech - a collaborative atmosphere where people can support each other, sponsor start ups, and create experiences. Espree needed and wanted this support system earlier in her career and has now not only created it for herself, but encourages others to take part and help each other.
  • Women in Tech podcasts - Espree hosts these very popular podcasts, which she shares to celebrate entrepreneurial women and showcase their stories.


Mentorship Culture
Creating an environment and culture of mentorship helps everyone. Mentorship culture can include:

  • Silent mentoring – you may not realize it, but every time you inspire someone in your day-to- day life you are mentoring them. For example, if you exercise everyday and take care of yourself, you may silently be encouraging someone to do the same.
  • Asking for support – letting others help you can actually increase your strength and allow you to give more of yourself.


Create Your Own Reality
As an entrepreneur Espree creates her reality every day. Create your own story and don’t try to replicate someone else’s.

Inspired by the book by Sebastian Terry, “100 Things: What’s on Your List”, Espree
suggests that we

  • write down what we want to do, the changes we have to make to do it, and where we want to be.
  • Let go of old dreams and give yourself permission to change, grow, and want
    different things.
  • Ask yourself at the end of each day: Do I like the way I spent the day? If your
    answer is “no”, correct your path and add things that make you feel full.


Look After Yourself
Espree shared that she took two minutes to meditate before her speech to make sure she was grounded and energized and the results showed. She gave the following tips to follow every day:

  • Remain mindful of nutrition and think of food as fuel not entertainment.
  • Rest your mind and body even if sleep does not come easy.
  • Meditate and visualize to calm and center yourself and to focus on what you really want.


After taking some questions from the audience, Espree left us with one final task:
Introduce yourself to the person next to you and ask “how can I help you?”


I asked my seatmate, Anna Schrock, for her impression of the talk. Saying she “liked how the message has such a broad reach and is relevant to any stage in life,” Anna felt the talk resonated with her to create her own story, be willing, and to build unique ways to surround herself with positive people and energy.


When it comes to positive people and energy, Espree Devora is a perfect example. After listening to her talk, we all felt empowered to go out and fulfill our dreams!




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