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Anyone can volunteer (even if you’re not a member)! We work with local nonprofits, schools and other organizations to connect volunteers with worthy causes. Volunteer opportunities range from using your tech skills to help a nonprofit to attending Career Day at a local high school. Once you sign up to become a volunteer, you will be notified of opportunities matching your interests, allowing you to select the ones that are the best fit for you. Join us in using our skills and experience for good!


"Through CFWIT, I have met so many incredible women who have encouraged and challenged me to pursue my goals. I am inspired and energized by the community." Audrey Speicher 

"Going to schools and inspiring the next generation of women towards STEM careers - it's all about opening hearts, minds and horizons.  We need dreamers and we need doers.  But most of all, we need dreamers who do."  — Emilyanne Aurelius

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